About us

Since 1999

We have devoted to make optimal nutrient diet under the name of AT Immune

“Eat And Jump”

When going into the feed production industry, the majority of people would laugh as it seemed to be a severe challenge for a new small venture.
However, the founder, Mr. Kim Jin-tae, convinced the necessity to produce the reliable and high-quality feed boosting animals’ immunity. This is the start of AT Immune’s miracle.

We believe that animals are able to prevent and overcome a disease by their inner immune system.
And the primary life stage for animals is the most challenging period as they are in the weakest immune system during their whole life stage.
In this reason, AT Immune focused on formulating nutrient diet for animals to strengthen their inner immune health.

Animal feed is the food animals eat.
To produce clean and reliable human food grade feed, we made the nation’s first plant with fully packed silos.
Dew is not condensed as it is fully sealed and it prevents mold formation from storage through production process.

Based on the immune technology, AT Immune will continue to deliver the safe and qualified nutrient diet for animals, to deal with specific challenges facing today’s producer and to meet industry demands.
This is why we are there to maximize farm’s productivity and producers’ profit.

We do the best we can

Opened second feed additives mill
Developed ‘NNT’ (Nano Nutrition Technology)
Exported to overseas market
Made an agreement with EWOS, Canada for aqua culture feed
Established ATR Immune-Tech which is specialized in human immunity
Established R&D for developing fermentation technology
Established the integrated firm, Immune-Duck
Developed eco-friendly system through joint-patent with Seoul National University
Opened the Immune cleaning center
Hit monthly feed sales of 20,000 M/T
Developed ISF (immune Symptom Formula)
Established Immunity R&D center
Developed Immune Star-program and launched the Immune presto
Launched the AT Immune feed
Certified HACCP for compound feed and milk replacer
Selected as INNO-BIZ (Korean Technology Finance Corporation)
Registered the business of manufacturing feed supplement (mixture)
Selected as Good technology enterprise
(Korean Technology Finance Corporation)
Certified INNO-BIZ
Produced the feed by world's first 'Toxin free HPOW Process
(High Pressure Oxy-gen Washing)'
Opened R&D center and developed feed additives
Acquired ISO 9001-2000 (SGS)
Developed bio feed additives with the in-house techniques
Established AT Life Science
Opened first feed mill in Ochang, Korea
Established ATNC