About us

AT Immune

  • Business area: Immune feed supplements, Functional feed, Piglet feed, Formulation consulting
  • Production capacity: 360,000MT/Year
  • Main Products

    - Swine: Immune Series, Functional Series

    - Poultry (Layer/Broiler/Duck/Quail): Immune Series, Functional Series

    - Fish

Immune Bio

  • Business area: Immune, Fermentation, Enzyme feed supplements
  • Production capacity: 10,000 MT/Year

Immune Duck

  • Business area: Integration of Immune Duck Production
  • Meat Production capacity: 5,000 MT/Year
  • Feed → raise → slaughter → distribution → sales

ATR Immune-Tech

  • Business area: Human Immunity dietary supplements

STR Bio-Tech

  • Business area: R&D of immunity